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For me family photography is more important than I can explain. Photography is the only way to take a look into the past of our family. This is the only way to save memories about times when everything was easier, about times when our kids were little. This is the only way to see people who are no longer with us. I’m an artist, for me every family session is special, because photography is all about people and saving real smiles and real emotions. Hair blowing in the wind, sunset or sunrise light on faces, flying dress, laughter, even tears of kids are part of you and the moment. I learned photography as a photojournalist and I work full time as a photographer and photojournalists. My job is to document everything for you and save it forever! Remember more fun better pictures! I’m here to help you and save your memories


Ocean City family photo session is about an hour long. Large groups, small groups, couples, all are welcome! We will take all kind of pictures: groups, individual portraits, we will try to take some candid shots. This option gives flexibility and for an hour we will try many things. Don’t worry about posing, I will help you to pose and will direct entire session, you can also ask me what to wear! You just need to show up and smile a lot! More fun better pictures! During this session I will take up to 150 pictures and you will receive link to the private gallery of all pictures taken during our session. You can share your link with friends and family. In your price you have included a set of up to 10 high resolution images selected by you with unlimited printing rights. I don’t require to purchase prints from me, you can but this is just an option so no worries you will not bankrupt. This is an affordable session ! After the session you can purchase more high resolution images if you like. Now you can hire full time professional photographer and experience photo session on a high professional level. I have a place where I love to work with families. My photography spot is in the area of south end of Ocean City boardwalk and offers amazing surrounding and a great beach portrait scenery. Full session is available at the evening for $400and at sunrise for $500. Sunrise is a magic and sunrise light makes session unique.



Ocean City Family photos the quick way! This session is fun and quick. Great option for small groups or groups without kids. No more than 6 people for this option! 30 minutes is a very quick session. We will take all possible pictures, group shots, some individual portraits. I will take care of posses and help you with everything step by step. We will not waste time, just smile and enjoy the professional photo shoot at the beach in Ocean City, Maryland. We will take up to 75 family photos on the beach. You can download 5 high resolution images with unlimited printing rights. If you like you can purchase more images or you can even purchase prints, however I do not require buying prints from me. You can print your downloaded pictures at any place of your choice.

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